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During a breast biopsy, your doctor removes cells or a small piece of tissue from that part of your breast. They examine it under a microscope to look for signs of cancer.

Sep 01, 2017 · Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make a computer picture of the inside of the breast. A gel is put on the skin of the breast, and a wand-like instrument called a transducer is moved over the skin. The transducer sends out sound waves and picks up the echoes as they bounce off body tissues. The echoes are made into a picture on a computer Last Revised: October 9, 2017.

A breast biopsy is the removal of breast tissue to examine it for signs of breast cancer or other disorders.. There are several types of breast biopsies, including stereotactic, ultrasound-guided, MRI-guided, and excisional breast biopsy.This article focuses .

A lymph node ultrasound and biopsy is a way of checking the lymph nodes under the arm after breast cancer is diagnosed. Sometimes the cancer cells can spread into the nearby lymph nodes. Ultrasound scans use high frequency sound waves to create a picture of a .