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Breast Cancer: Breast Needle Localization breast needle localization technique

Dec 30, 2010 · The hook wire technique using the parallel to the chest wall approach that we use at our institution for needle localization is the most commonly used method and is described in the materials and methods section of this article. An alternate approach using the hook wire is the free hand technique or an anterior approach.Cited by: 3.

What is Breast Needle Localization? The purpose of this procedure is to help identify the precise location of abnormal breast tissue for biopsy. This is done by placing dye and sometimes a small wire at the point of the abnormality. Why Choose the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center .

Needle localization, also known as fine wire localization, is a breast biopsy technique used if the mass is too small to be felt by touch. What to Expect During Your Needle Localization Procedure. Board-certified radiologists at Magee-Womens Imaging will locate the mass by performing a mammogram or ultrasound.

The needle containing a hooked wire is placed into the breast under local anesthesia, usually on the same day of the localized excisional breast biopsy or lumpectomy. Once the needle and wire are in the proper position in the breast, the needle is removed, leaving the wire in place, localizing the site.