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Sep 07, 2012 · The price for breast implants in Ontario ranges from $6500 to $9500. The price normally includes your care before surgery, your surgery and your care after surgery. It includes your implants, surgeons fees, the facility fee (meaning the cost to use the surgical suite and your nurses fees), as well as the anesthesia fees.

Nov 21, 2017 · Breast implants are not lifetime devices and usually need to be replaced at some point in time. The risks associated with breast implants. Like all medical devices, breast implants have benefits and risks. Health Canada's licensing means that the risks have been reduced as much as possible and that in general, the benefits outweigh the.

How much is a boob job in Canada? Below you will find a list of the major cities in Canada and the average cost of a boob job procedure there. You should also be aware that the prices below are the average price of Saline Implants. If you are looking for Silicone, Cohesive Gel, or Gummy Bear/Tear Drop implants the price will increase by $1000.

a guide to breast enlargement / augmentation and breast implants in canada including plastic surgeon listings, before and after photos, saline and cohesive gel implant info, message boards and financing.