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Five of the biggest fights in Detroit sports | The Scene dick the bruiser vs. alex karras

At one point, Bruiser received a nasty gash above his eye that continued to bleed heavily for the remainder of the match. Even as a one-eyed madman, Dick the Bruiser managed to defeat the valiant but overmatched Alex Karras in just under 15 minutes .

Feb 05, 2017 · Alex Karras and Dick the Bruiser's Detroit Bar Brawl. There was much more money to be made wrestling, so he quit the Packers. The Bruiser was five feet, eleven inches tall, built like a fire plug and just as tough. He wore a crew cut and had a gravelly voice that struck fear into his opponents.

Mar 09, 2017 · Alex Karras was suspended from the NFL due to gambling and had a piece of a bar in downtown Detroit. Bruiser arrived at the bar in character to challenge Karras to a fight which led to published reports and criminal charges against Bruiser stemming from it taking eight cops to restrain him after he and Karras briefly went at it and the bar was torn up.

detroit(upi)---dick the bruiser, a villian-type professional wrestler who likes to mix it up in and out of the ring, was charged yesterday with assault and battery for carrying things too far in an out-of-the-ring bout with alex karras and eight detroit policemen.