Make Your Own Deer Mineral and Salt Lick - how to use a deer lick


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Apr 24, 2017 · A deer lick is a block of salt and minerals that is used to attract wild deer who come in search of a quick source of nutrients. Deer licks are indispensable to a good hunter, but there is no need to shell out your hard-earned cash to purchase one. You can make your own apple-flavored deer lick at home using simple.

Molasses Deer Lick: We've all seen a lot of different types and flavors of expensive deer licks at the store. The main ingredients are usually the same as if you were making hard candy, so I found a few recipes out there for hard candy and used molasses instead of co.

A salt lick, also known as a mineral lick, is a location where animals can go lick much needed minerals and nutrients from salt deposits. They are either natural occurring or artificially made. One of the popular animals that go around looking for these is a deer.Author: Feed That Game.

Deer are wary when they come to a salt block, as they know predators could be waiting for them. It will take time for the deer to come out in the open to use the block. Watch patiently from cover until the deer come out. Wear camouflaged clothing to help hide your presence. Deer will detect any sudden movement, so be still when watching the deer.