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This slideshow features photos of a ridiculously sexy young Jane Fonda, including pictures of her young body that had men going crazy in the 60's and 70's. Fans will also Jane Fonda's best movies and a look at her dating history. Easily one of the hottest women of the 70's, young Jane.

Those are just some reasons why we seriously love Jane Fonda, but another reason is because she’s one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the big or small screen. Below are 15 mega hot photos of young Jane Fonda. While looking at the photos, just Author: Veronica.

Sexy Jane Fonda Tits & Nipples Pics Exposed Jane Fonda is an American actress, a fitness guru, fashionista, writer and a political activist. Throughout her lifetime, she has received several accolades thanks to her mad acting skills. Being the daughter of a former actor and a socialite mother, it is right to say acting is in her genes.

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