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newborn swollen breast

It's normal for newborn babies (boys and girls) to have mild or even swollen, enlarged breasts and/or lumps under the nipple. They are almost always benign and due to exposure to maternal hormones.

Mar 09, 2017 · Swollen breast is a very common concern for parents of newborns, but it’s nothing serious – this is very normal in the newborn babies. This swelling on the breast can last only for a few weeks. Generally, new born babies may sometimes have swollen breasts, which will ooze a little milk.

A swollen breast is a common condition that occurs in babies, both male and female. One or both of a baby's breasts may become swollen, firm and lumpy within a week after birth. Although this condition may seem peculiar, the swollen breasts usually shrink within a few weeks or months of life.

Sep 12, 2019 · Newborn’s Swollen Breasts Because of a surge of breast-enlarging hormones at birth, your baby’s breasts may become swollen, firm, and lumpy within a week after birth. A baby’s breasts may even produce a few drops of milk.