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Today's Comic from Pearls Before Swine Read Now. Best Of Election Selections: Pearls Before Swine Edition The GoComics Team. June 08, 2017. You Might Also Like Crabgrass Tauhid Bondia. More from Pearls Before Swine. Best Of. Stephan Pastis' Best Comics About Writing The Pre-History of 'Pearls' is Featured in 'Pearls Takes a Wrong Turn' New Book.

Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip Archives Old Pearls Before Swine Strips from 2001 - 2019. The links below will all direct you to pages at the website. is a great site to go to for some of your favorite comics.

Created by Stephan Pastis, characters Rat and Pig offer clever social commentary in the daily comic, Pearls Before Swine.

The Pearls Before Swine 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar: Nothing That Will Happen Today Will Be Better Than Staying in Bed by Stephan Pastis is full of the twisted humor and outlandish puns that have made Pearls Before Swine one of the funniest comic strips being published today.Each page of this daily calendar features a hilarious full-color Pearls Before Swine comic strip with your favorite.