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Motors with these ratings run well from rectified (converted from AC to DC) line current. You can certainly use a 12v DC motor (the most common12v DC motor in a fucking machine is an automotive wiper motor). Keep in mind these motors often lack the speed and torque needed for a high-quality machine.

With the best machine parts and strong high-torque motor, we offer 'Fuck Quiet' for sale - no more homemade fucking machine to build as searching for parts and motor can be tedious. With vertical setup, sexual intercourse can happen at 0° to 90° angle.

The Motor is the heart of the machine, and determines its performance characteristics. Read the section below about "Selecting A Motor" for a bit more information. This is the most important component of your machine. I strongly prefer American made DC motors from the major manufacturers: Baldor, Bison, Bodine, Leeson (also makes Dayton brand.

The "Rock My World" Machine Build. This is my first build, and I am excited to say that it is a success! Below are the 20 steps I took to build this machine. Here is a free downloadable.