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3. Low Sperm Count. Low sperm count can definitely cause a man to scream about "why is my sperm clear" because the sperms in the semen give it a cloudy appearance. If the semen is clear for a long duration, it could be due to low sperm count. When the sperm count is below 20-150 million per ml of semen, it is referred to as low sperm count.

Nov 05, 2010 · Clear sperm (semen) is usually seen as a pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum. It is the fluid that will get out of male sexual organ’s urinary meatus before climax in sex or during foreplay. White sperm is usually the sperm quality seen in the actual ejaculated fluid. Nevertheless, clear sperm can also be seen in the actual ejaculated semen.3.6/5(37).

Sep 22, 2019 · Low Sperm Count. Over a longer period, however, uniformly clear semen could indicate a low sperm count, since sperm are one of the main things that contribute to semen’s somewhat cloudy appearance. “Low sperm count” is a clinical term used for men whose semen doesn’t contain the usual number of sperm by volume.

Clear Watery Semen – Normal or Not? Medical Science. Low Sperm Count: Also called oligospermia, which is referring to your sperm count is below 15 million per ml of semen. Sometimes the deficiency of zinc may be the possible factor that causes your low sperm count, so if there is a concern for your watery sperm, pay close attention to.