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The walrus has an air sac under its throat which acts like a flotation bubble and allows it to bob vertically in the water and sleep. The males possess a large baculum (penis bone), up to 63 cm (25 in) in length, the largest of any land mammal, both in absolute size and relative to body size. Life historyClass: Mammalia.

Dec 14, 2016 · The bone was even larger in the past. A fossilized, 4.5-foot os penis of an extinct walrus species fetched $8,000 at auction in 2007. But humans, curiously, do Author: Ben Guarino.

Walrus: 25 Inches Urban Dictionary defines “walrus penis” as a “greasy big choad-like penis with extra foreskin.” Accurate. Boasting the largest baculum (walrus boner) of any land mammal, their penis bones hide under 2,000 pounds of fat only to be unleashed when a voluptuous female is nearby.

Oct 02, 2007 · If you think this is a mammoth ivory, you're totally wrong! It is the penis bone belonging to an extinct walrus species! The penis' main function is to keep enough stiffness to penetrate an Author: Stefan Anitei.