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Gay Bars and Nightlife in Charleston, South Carolina gay friendly charleston beach

Where did the non-gay friendly reputation for Charleston come from in the UK? Yes - Charleston is a southern city steeped in Christian values which can sometimes appear to the visitor as very conservative but as far as accepting and welcoming of ALL - I've never seen a place that one can so easily adapt to in such a short amount of time.

For the beach goer, sun worshipper, we recommend visiting gay friendly Hilton Head Island where you will find beautiful white sand beaches for miles. Looking for “big” city amenities, head to charming Charleston and stroll the cobblestone streets and dine in the fabulous restaurants. Have you experienced South Carolina's Gay Pride?

The charming, colonial seaside city of Charleston has long been a popular weekend getaway for gay and lesbian couples. Even though the city isn't really known as a major gay nightclub destination, Charleston does have a couple of exceptionally attractive and nicely designed gay nightspots downtown, not to mention several restaurants, bars, and lounges with a modest gay following.

BLU is a gay-friendly restaurant set on Tides Folly Beach that specializes in local seafood. The Library, located in the Vendue Inn, is in the historic Park Circle district and caters to gay clientele. Charleston is a fun place to live with a large theater and music community.