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Every night my roommate and I would go to bed, it would only be a matter of moments before one of us was jerking off. We always did this when we thought the other was asleep. I was on the bottom bunk and Kyle had the top. I knew when Kyle was wacking his meat because our bunks would just so gently sway. I always wanted to say something to Kyle but was extremely afraid he would think I was a fag.

Nov 05, 2012 · I’ve had half a dozen roommates in the last 15 years, some for months, some for years. Sean stayed with me for about 4 years. All my roommates were in recovery, and staying here provided a chance to start rebuilding their lives when they had to start from square one again (cheap rent and all utilities included).4.9/5(46).

Joe's roommate Russ is a walking wet dream, and he knows it. I never expected to hear my Build-a-Stud roommate even reference gay sex, much less ask what my own preference was. "I'm in the know," he continued. "I get gay sex. I've watched gay porn once or .