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strip cast iron sink

Cast iron sinks are a throwback to the past and can add a lot of character to a kitchen or bathroom. Cast iron sinks, unlike any other kind of sink, come with many issues involving maintenance. They can rust fairly quickly and painting them is not always a good option. If you find old cast iron Author: DIY Staff.

Refinishing may be the most practical way of restoring a built-in bathtub, but for those lucky enough to have a removable claw-foot tub or cast-iron sink, the dream has long been to give it a new finish that matches the hardness and durability of the old one.

Mar 15, 2018 · It takes a little effort to restore cast iron cookware, but it’s worth it. This post covers cleaning and restoring cast iron with step by step photos. We’ll help you strip and reseason damaged and rusted cast iron cookware so it looks and cooks the way it .

Since bare iron is extremely prone to rusting, cast iron sinks receive a heavy porcelain enamel finish. If you were to strip the enamel off of a cast iron sink, it would have the same rough texture as a cast iron skillet. The enamel finish used on cast iron sinks is extremely tough and does an excellent job resisting stains and scratches.