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Wilcox was just a little company in in Charlotte Michigan making radios and transcription recorders. They started out around 1910 manufacturing amateur radio components and kits at an office on West Lawrence Ave in Charlotte. In the 1926 they branched out into consumer radios. In 1931 Paul Gay joined the company forming Wilcox-Gay Corp.

Jan 28, 2015 · The Wilcox-Gay Recordio: 1940 Home Recording. 10 Replies. The manufacturer, Wilcox-Gay Corp. of Charlotte, Michigan, had been in business since 1910, making radios and dictation machines. The Recordio came out in 1939, and reportedly sold 25,000 units the first year. The company continued to make similar machines in the 1950’s, but later.

Wilcox-Gay. Wilcox-Gay Corp., Charlotte, Michigan late 1910's to 1960. Wilcox-Gay Corp., which began in 1910 as a small company creating radios and transcription recorders in Charlotte, Michigan. As their business grew so did the product line they carried and in 1939 they launched the Recordio.

Wilcox Gay Recordio Tape Recorder Works Green And Red Retro Mid century Reel To This is a very cool vintage tape recorder and player with sound. Both record and play work.