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ORA-20000: Oracle Text error: DRG-10599: column... | Oracle Community 2007 coded color drg indexed plus thumb

DRG PLUS! 2007 Compact, Color Coded, Thumb Indexed DRG PLUS! 2007 is designed as the ultimate DRG selection tool for hospital and payer coding staff. Featuring a comprehensive introduction and tutorial on DRG selection, this comprehensive reference includes all official DRG codes with assigned ICD-9-CM codes DRG PLUS! 2007 is arranged by Major.

Mar 27, 2012 · It seems you do need a loop, see SomeoneElse's response here: Re: Trigger To Add Sequence Number For Primary Key On Insert Edit to add: I just did a forum search on "sequence trigger" and this was one of the first hits. And although you DO need a loop, you do not have to run a select on dual to get the assignment done.

Oracle Text Messages (DRG) For information about the Oracle Text option, refer to: DRG-10503 table string cannot be indexed because it has no primary key. Value of 'off' attribute plus value of 'len' attribute is greater than the number of characters in the document.

See the ICD-9-CM Volume 3 codes that cross to your DRG code. Color coding reveals whether the ICD-9 Vol. 3 code is an OR or non-OR procedure. Click an ICD-9 Vol. 3 code in the list to go straight to its Code Details page. Plugging inpatient facility revenue drains is as simple as subscribing to DRG Coder today!