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Hanging In The Balance With a noose around her neck, balancing delicately on narrow steps in her heels and her hands bound behind her, she quickly decided that she would not give him any additional reasons to harm her. In this one instant, Sandra decided that she would survive this ordeal. Report Story. by WhosOnFirst.

Wet and Messy stories by Muddy Ivy, our new friend who, though she does not like her stories grim, certainly likes them sensual and erotic, and -- well, messy. Spider, by Pixie in Black --- A story of a woman who finds something in common with her many-legged friend. Vampire, by Pixie in Black --- A tale of a night in the long life.

Sharon Alone. bdsm Siobhann 2018-07-11. As she stood there, noosed, cuffed, for a moment in real danger, sweating, panicky, the rope biting into her soft flesh, up on her tip-toes to keep from choking, always near climax, panting until the cuffs would snap open, fall to the gallows planks, then her hands could loosen the noose, hold it away from her neck, when the trap door would snap open.

Mar 27, 2011 · But the noose was already constricting her neck. She pulled on her tiptoes and was hyperventilating from the emotion, and when the pressure rised so high that she was unable to breathe she panicked. Her hand closed on the switch and her feet searched to reach a support. The spectator looked at her as her dance was great.