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How Women Astronauts Pee in Space: NASA's Gender Bias Is About More Than 'Immense' Penis Sheaths. By Andrew Whalen On 7/19/19 at 5:33 PM EDT Share. Tech & Science NASA.Author: Andrew Whalen.

Oct 27, 2009 · I could imagine how men could do it in a relatively clean manner, but what about women? Without a special catheter, I imagine that it must be immensely messy for female astronauts to do this. Does anyone happen to know or have a suggestion as to how this is possible?Status: Open.

For the women there's a cup fits up against them, for the guys it's just like a little funnel, you just pee into this tube and and it goes into a sewage tank. But, the solids that come out of your body, that's a harder problem to solve, and it's an important medical one.