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MATTHEW THE GREAT: actually ejaculate of both genders has positive nutrition its just a low amount! so in short, ejaculate is good for you! tastes good too, haha. her vagina produces vaginal.

Apr 30, 2018 · Listen up, dudes (and ladies). These are the health benefits of eating pussy. Lactobacillus is also present in your gut, where it is usually termed 'probiotics,' Probiotics aid digestion, allowing good microorganisms to balance out your gastrointe.

Whole foods don’t just help your gut, they also supply your vagina with nutrition for hormones and more. Here’s 8 foods your lady bits want you to eat more of.Author: Tiffany Laforge.

The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina connects the uterus to the outside world. The vulva and labia form the Author: Matthew Hoffman, MD.