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Feb 28, 2009 · Bikini Calculus might be just enough to lead a student of calculus to one of those "ah-ha" moments where the basic concept of integral or differential calculus makes sense. However, I think that it is even better as a geek fetish film.4.3/5(7).

Nov 12, 2004 · Directed by Mark Frazier, Craig Tucker. With Jaime Lynn Fox, Paige Hopewell. Paige & Jaime Lynn give a whole new meaning to TA when they use more than the blackboard to teach that hardcore freshman subject, calculus. This educational comedy uses 7.4/10(8).

Bikini Calculus is entertainment but its also a real calculus tutorial. As a tutorial it helps students understand and remember the basic rules of calculus. Each rule is presented with a memory association. Remembering the rules help you get started but you still need to practice to become good at doing it.

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