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Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic in the world. Life like in appearance and feel, the Femini Girdle is the most advanced silicone prosthetic .

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Mar 25, 2017 · Even the Selene Vagina Gaff and the Pro-V Vagina prosthetic are now having to compete with the more functional vagina panty prosthetics which are more affordable than even 2 years ago. Prices range from under $100 for the cheap Chinese versions of a vee-string to $975+ for a fully-functioning top of the line Fem Girdle.

Femini underwear AV1P greatly improved from AV1. Improved hip and each side of thigh from AV1! The girdle adds 2.1-inches to each hip, 0.9-inches to the side of each butt cheek, 2.2-inches to the back of each butt cheek, 1.3-inches to the outside of each thigh and 0.75-inches to the inside of each thigh. 2inches higher in waist, 2inch longer lower brim in compare with CP-1.