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The Nahash (נחש Serpents) are an ancient Semitic tribe that created the martial art Tento Seiin Ken. Some members of this bloodline carry a special gene that allows them to emit light when using a breathing technique called ruach (רוּחַ). There is a rift between the religious leadership (Nagid.

Story Mode in Warriors Orochi 4 largely follows the same format set by the last installment: several story chapters and a separate section for side stories. Like in Samurai Warriors 4, players are given a set of optional objectives to complete in order to earn bonus rewards; achieving them is.

You can attack a foe with your fist of stone using your normal attack bonus (gaining a +6 on attack and damage rolls due to your increased Strength with that hand) without drawing an attack of opportunity. If you strike a foe, you deal 1d4+6 points of damage. If you use a weapon, you do not gain the benefits of the increased Strength.