The Sims 3 - Where can I get the Super-Patcher for The Sims 3? - sims 3 nude patch new


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This patch adds probably add a few details about the Sims. For details about Sims 3 nude skins, please contact the race director.

With this mod you can setup a new sexy background for Skyrim’s main menu. It replaces the wallpaper of the vanilla main-menu with a picture of Danyca, the author’s female character.

I've tried several nude patches advertised on the internet, nothing works. Is it Into the Future that's the problem or Nothing seems to be recent. Somebdy please just tell me where to go to get a nude patch for the latest Sim3 game with all the updates done, just played it today in Roaring Heights. Help please.

Nude Sims 3. Updated 4/01/2011 - new nude skins and meshes below. Contact me immediately if you have the knowledge on the working uncensor patches for the expansions and I'll give you credit. Thanks!