6 Effective Ways to Improve Sensitivity of the Penis (No More Numbness!) - low sensitivity in penis


How to Increase Penile Sensitivity - Fix your numb penis, fast low sensitivity in penis

Aging can reduce penile sensitivity in two different ways: Use and desensitization. The more you touch (or somebody else touches) your penis, the more used to stimulation it gets. Reduced blood flow. As we age, circulation decreases for a number of reasons. Less blood flow means less sensitivity, especially in the extremities like the penis.

The penis is normally a sensitive organ, but sometimes it can become numb. If you’re experiencing penile numbness, you may feel nothing or you may feel as if your penis is asleep. Depending on Author: Stephanie Watson.

6 Reasons You’re Losing Sensitivity in Your Penis (if you lose an erection during sex) As men age, the skin of the penis naturally becomes less sensitive. It happens in skin all over your body. However, the lost of sensation in the penis can be compounded by nerve damage, depression, and a decline in cardiovascular health.

Having a hypersensitive penis and having very low penis sensitivity, both of them are not good for enjoying the sexual experience. If you’re struggling with excess penis sensitivity, then you may want to experiment with these tips to reduce the sensitivity of your penis. These are some of the best possible ways to reduce penis sensitivity.Author: Dr. Elmari Mulder Craig.