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Third, the sperm has to reach and penetrate the egg. A semen analysis will help us determine your sperm count. A healthy sperm count is above 40 million, and a count of 10 million or less is considered low. Men with sperm counts between 10 and 40 million may still cause a pregnancy if the sperm has good motility, movement, and morphology, or shape.

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Denham is the administrative town for the Shire of Shark Bay, Western Australia.At the 2016 census, Denham had a population of 754. Located on the western coast of the Peron Peninsula 831 kilometres (516 mi) north of Perth, Denham is the westernmost publicly accessible town in Australia, and is named in honour of Captain Henry Mangles Denham of the Royal Navy, who charted Shark Bay in 1858.Location: 837 km (520 mi) NW of Perth, 409 km (254 .