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fist advanced guestbook 2.4.2

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Supporting the Argument Worksheet Directions: There are four parts to this assignment. Please read the instructions carefully. Part 1: Choose a topic from the following list: Social media: Some people claim that frequent use of social media can have negative effects on teenagers who may already exhibit addictive behaviors or mental health disorders.100%(3).

PSC 200-3001 2/4/16 pg. 1/2 Announcements: Quiz on Tuesday, covering Aristotles politics, it will be open until 11:59pm (on canvas), take it after class - Exam 1 is about 3 weeks away, question will be up on canvas by this weekend Exam 1 – essays, on one Plato and on Aristotle Each essay – 6 pages double spaced, so 12 pages total Can draw on outside sources, but don’t rely on them.

Programs: To help solve this puzzle I have written computer programs that search for solutions for a particular position. The first Square-1 Solver is similar in style to Kociemba's algorithm for the Rubik's cube, as it solves it in two stages. In the first stage it makes a cube with an even permutation of pieces, and the second stage solves it.