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There are hundreds of succulent varieties, including several with fuzzy leaves. Panda Plant Native to Madagascar, the leaves of this plant are thick and covered in felt-like follicles.

Name your succulent. A gallery of succulent plants and curiosities from window ledges and gardens around the world, to assist with identification of commonly-grown succulent plants. A correct name is the first step towards discovering how best to grow a plant, its place of origin and other information.

Giant leaves for sunny sites Verbascum bom­byciferum Photo/Illustration: Jennifer Benner. Mulleins (Verbascum bombyciferum and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 5–9) are one of the few big-leaved perennials that offer felty gray leaves, reaching 14 inches long. While all selections of this species are gardenworthy, the largest cultivar, ‘Arctic Summer’, is one of my favorites.

Notice whether your plant is spiky, chubby, rosette forming or even has baby plants hanging from the edges of the leaves to guide you to more information on similar plants. The many types of succulents that you can find in nurseries, garden centers, as a cutting from a .