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The components of semen and sperm ensure that the sperm itself will survive, have the necessary DNA to fertilize the female's egg and be able to survive the journey from the sperm's starting point (the testicles) to the end point (inside the female's reproductive organs to fertilize the egg).

This labelled diagram shows the structure of a sperm cell in detail, which has the following parts. Head With its spheric shape, it consists of a large nucleus, which at the same time contains an acrosome.Author: Emilio Gómez Sánchez Bsc, Phd.

The scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first person who described in detail the structure of a sperm cell in 1677. Although the parts of spermatozoa are more or less common in all mammal species—a head and a long tail—there are small differences between species, especially in the morphology of the head.Author: Emilio Gómez Sánchez Bsc, Phd.

No, but they do have sperm funnels that function in a similar way to the penis. Worms have both male parts and female parts. The female parts of a worm include the egg sacs and ovaries.