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Currently, the State of Kansas has no law that mandates where an offender can or cannot live, work, or go to school, nor does Kansas law allow for local jurisdictions to have such laws, however this may be a condition of their probation. The KBI does not monitor these restrictions.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) has established this website to facilitate public access to information about persons who have been convicted of certain sex, violent and drug offenses, as set forth in the Kansas Offender Registration Act (K.S.A. 22-4901 et seq.).

For the first time, sex offender treatment providers tell us, sex offenders are absconding in larger numbers. Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault; When a brutal sexually violent crime occurs, such as the one that occurred in Iowa last year, our societal tendency is to focus all our resources and energy on stopping offenders.

If the offender is over the age of 18 while the victim is under the age of 14, the offense falls under the purview of what is commonly referred to as a “Jessica’s Law” offense. Jessica’s Law offenses are off-grid felonies in Kansas that carry harsh mandatory sentences.