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Oct 08, 2011 · Botanists and evolutionary biologists have come up with fascinating answers to all these questions: indeed, the peculiarities of orchid sex offer one of the great case studies of natural selection Author: Michael Pollan.

The Bizarre Sex Life of an Orchid. a structure that separates the male and female parts of the orchid. Finally, the stipe curves back up and around the rostellum and inserts the pollinia into Author: Bjorn Carey.

Orchidaceae are cosmopolitan, occurring in almost every habitat apart from glaciers. The world's richest diversity of orchid genera and species is found in the tropics, but they are also found above the Arctic Circle, in southern Patagonia, and two species of Nematoceras on Macquarie Island at 54° south.Clade: Angiosperms.

Parts of an Orchid Plant. Orchids can be divided into two main parts. The stem and root system make up the lower part of an orchid. While they are not as showy as the flower, they are essential. The flower of an orchid is known as the inflorescence. It contains sepals, .