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Kat is a small blonde who’s starred in both Asian, and Latin titled movies. She looks to be a bit of both, but more importantly she looks young due to her train-tracked smile full of braces. It could be her gimmick, either way it keeps her working.

Kat is a common nickname for the feminine given name Katherine, Kathleen, Katarina, Katrina, Kathryn, Katharina, Kaitlin, and other similar names.. Kat or KAT may also refer to. The great Kat Richards who was born in 2nd February 2003 in Plymouth, England where she grew up until she was 15 when she moved to West Sussex England.

The song was originally due to be the lead single from her second album but its release was cancelled. The music video for "Unstoppable" premiered on Kat DeLuna's MySpace profile on January 23, 2009. The song was released for radio airplay on February 24, 2009. In Canada, "Unstoppable" peaked at number 80 on the Canadian Hot 100.Born: November 26, 1987 (age 31), The Bronx, New .

Kat is a Latin pornstar from Sherman Oaks, California, which just happens to be the porn capital of the world. She was born during December of 1985 and she is of Mexican descent.Occupation: Pornographic Actress.