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Mar 03, 2015 · “You can correctly point to the extraordinary, off-the-charts success in reducing teen pregnancy and childbearing in the African-American and Latina communities,” said Bill Albert, chief program officer for the National Campaign. “But these rates remain far, far higher than among whites. And that needs our full and undivided attention.

AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN AND ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY. Adolescent pregnancy is a chronic concern in the African American community. Early childbearing compromises a young female’s opportunity to attain a high level of education and employment.

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Apr 05, 2013 · • Approximately 9% of African American teenagers gave birth in 1996 – the lowest number since the government began keeping this statistic. • The percentage of sexually active teens using condoms has increased. Teenagers who have sex are more likely to use contraceptives than in the past.Author: Peter Jideonwo.