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Is it usual a female babysitter bath teen boys? - babysitters bathing teen boys

Sep 23, 2006 · The 14 year olds are a little more modest and I seldom see them naked, as they wrap themselves into a towel as they go to the bathroom. Not that I'm standing by too look at them either. The 15-16 year old boys I'm babysitting would probably age 5 years if they exposed themselves naked to me. I have helped some 12-13 year old boys, but nothing.

Hello. I am babysitting a boy and have been for a while who recently turned 11. Have been babysitting him for just over a year and when bath time came he was always fine with me seeing him naked and washing him but the past few times bath time has came around he .

Poll: Boys bathed by females other than mom: 1: johndoe1988: 2 years: age of girls who bathe boys: 18: specialthings21: 2 years: watched by babsitters niece: 56: specialthings21: 2 years: bathing boys: 9: Chaaalz1232: 3 years: A fairy godmother and a young man very sexist. (FEMALES ONLY) 1: javir: 3 years: polls for females only: 1: javir: 4.

Is it usual a female babysitter bath teen boys? Are boys good babysitters? because they trust them with their child so they should trust that she would deal with bathing appropriately.