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Riddley Walker is a science fiction novel by Russell Hoban, first published in 1980. It won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science fiction novel in 1982, as well as an Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award in 1983.Author: Russell Hoban.

Riddley Walker has clear precedents, such as the postmodern invented language of A Clockwork Orange and the post-apocalyptic search for lost knowledge that drives A Canticle for Leibowitz, but Hoban's novel remains a singularly original work. The language is the most striking thing about it, of course.4/5(746).

Jan 22, 2013 · Riddley Walker (SF Masterworks) [Russell Hoban] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in a post-apocalyptic England, RIDDLEY WALKER tells the tale of one twelve year old boy and his journey through the ruins of civilisation. After the death of his father in an accidentCited by: 1.

Any paperback whose cover is made up of the rapturous praise given by critics to the hardback has to be very good to live up to the hype. Riddley Walker is very good.The author, Russell Hoban, was known mainly for his fiction for children before Riddley Walker emerged, and it¿s not surprising that his protagonist is twelve years old.4/5.