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Jul 05, 2019 · Another major contributor to teen drinking is the influence of their peers, or peer pressure. It is often difficult for teenagers to ignore social pressures, and peer pressure can have a massive influence on an adolescent’s behaviors and actions. Peer pressure can then have a significant impact on teenage alcohol consumption.

So peer pressure doesn't just happen in the moment when a teen tries to persuade another teen to drink—it begins years before that moment. In terms of the brain, remember that internal peer pressure registers emotionally, not logically, for teens.

Seeking Peer Approval. A major cause of teen alcoholism is peer pressure. Many teenagers – boys in particular – are incredibly competitive and will try to outperform one another at every possible opportunity. Drinking games may be very common at this age, and can help to foster the impression that drinking alcohol is not a serious matter.

Peer pressure is an epidemic among young people. In 2014, nearly 60 percent of full-time college students had drunk alcohol in the past month. Many students drink at bars or house parties, where peer pressure is common. Consistently giving in to peer pressure can lead to frequent alcohol consumption.