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The Rational Case Against Pornography. By James M. Rochford It would be nice to begin with practical solutions for how to break a pornography addiction. Many Christians know that pornography is damaging, and they long for practical help in how to break their habit.

While all these beliefs may seem irrational, wives who have been affected by pornography addiction often hold them. They may understand this intellectually and fight against these negative beliefs, but emotionally, because of their woundedness, they have a difficult time not believing them.

Many pornography-viewing husbands lose their emotional capacity for marital relations, and this, in turn, causes both husbands wives to be less interested in the marriage bed. (Viagra sales are soaring while Internet viewing of pornography continues to rise steadily).

Jan 01, 1970 · Does a Wife Whose Husband Views Pornography Have Grounds for Divorce? Jeff Olson Does Matthew 5:27-28 give a wife who finds that her husband views pornography grounds to seek a divorce? Only God understands the pain that many women feel when they discover that their husbands are looking at pornography. Many wives are hurt by this discovery. 3.4/5(64).