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Sep 15, 2012 · Whats the best vintage Yamaha amp to invest in? Realize that with any vintage receiver, the electronics are old and often need cleaning, capacitor replacement, and restoration. You really won't get the "best" sound out of any receiver unless you have it re-capped and restored. Best receiver Yamaha made was the CR 3020. It was massive.

Jul 30, 2012 · Anyone that has experience with these Yamaha x20 or x40 series: What are the phono stages and headphone amps like? I have a chinese-made Darkvoice tube amp that I'm currently using for headphone listening, and the Cambridge Audio 640P as phono stage, but wonder how the Yamaha Natural Sound receivers would compare. Thoughts?

Those High-Powered Pioneer Vintage Receivers! Still, in this author’s opinion, it’s good practice to measure IM, like Emotiva does. Yamaha CR-1020 Receiver. Despite the gloomy two-channel music times that lay ahead unbeknownst just a few years hence, the late 1970s–mid 1980s period was a great time for stereo components. Author: Steve Feinstein.

Mar 29, 2014 · I got the opinion from quite a few that one of the best receivers to look out for is the 'Tandberg Huldra'. Supposedly quite a beast with a wonderful RX ability. I really have no idea what could be called the best vintage receiver. I've regretted for over 30 years letting go of my Sansui 8080db. My vote would go to the Yamaha CR-2020.