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Retracted Penis Pouch Urinary collection system aimed at comfort, cleanliness and reliability for those with retracted or retractive penis. Provides an aggressive, yet gentle adherence to the skin, and is designed for more than one day wear for male incontinence3/5.

Devices for penile retraction These are a group of products for men who have a shortened or retracted penis, which is common in older men or those who have had treatment for Prostate cancer. When the penis retracts into the scrotum it can be difficult to use a conventional sheath or body-worn urinal.

Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch provides an effective way to manage urine output for non-ambulatory patients. It is meant to be connected to leg bag or gravity drainage, universal connector fits most leg or night drainage bag systems.Brand: HOLLISTER INCORPORATED.

"The description of Cody's preferred cath Shorter in design (1.5 inch sheath) without a reduction in adhesive area, the Pop-On catheter is ideal for men who prefer a shorter sheath or have a retracted penis.It also is well-suited for pediatric use.