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Jun 06, 2018 · Your penis tip, shaft, or foreskin can get cut for many reasons. A cut is usually nothing to worry about. Like any cut, it’ll heal relatively quickly. Read on to learn more about what can cause Author: Tim Jewell.

I noticed one day that I had cuts that look like they are splitting open, on the shaft of my penis. They wont heal and it really hurts when I get an erection or when I try taking it out to pee. I don't know if its common but my penis turtles when there's no blood in it, so when I take it out it feels like I am tearing the cuts apart even more.

Aug 21, 2013 · A red penis that has a sore, cracked or raw appearance may be healed by following a few simple penis care pointers. Where do penis cuts come from? Many men who experience tears or cuts in their penis skin find that they appear quite suddenly, without any obvious cause.

Small Tears On My Penis Wont Heal ima49311. So here's how it started. Once we were finished I noticed that around the base of the head of my penis and around the shaft there were tiny horinzontal tears, a few of which were slightly bleeding. So, right off the bat i know my problem is from that. However, since then everytime my girlfriend.