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Boat Rub Rail. Docking a boat doesn’t always go exactly as planned – especially with unexpected wind or current. Installing rub rail around your boat – especially in areas more prone to damage – can be a great way to take the stress of docking down a notch.

Boat Rub Rail Kits. Protect your boat and enhance its lines with new boat rub rail. Pre-cut boat rub rail kits by Barbour and Taco Metals make your job easy, and Great Lakes Skipper's discount pricing make it affordable. We have rigid boat rub rail kits and flexible PVC boat rub rail, plus boat rub rail with inserts and illuminated rub rail kits.

Boat Molding. Protect your boat with trim lock molding, rub rail molding, and T-trim molding from Great Lakes Skipper's huge inventory. We carry moldings from brands like Barbour, Taco Metals, Bayliner, Doellken, and many more.

Go2marine has a large supply of replacement rub rails. In many cases we recommend using a rub rail kit since they include everything you need to replace your rub rail and can be shipped using standard shipping methods. Kits provide a complete, matching rail system with all new materials to protect and beautify your boat.