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Mar 04, 2018 · It depends on the woman, and the relationship. The vast majority of the men I have been in relationships with actually find the “white cotton panties and t-shirt bras” to be far more of a turn-on than a contrived, lacy lingerie look. In fact, I ha.

What Women Really Think Of Lingerie. "I would wear some if I were trying to seduce a man over 50. Which I am never trying to do. I've found that stuff like, 'It doesn't matter what Author: Amanda Chatel.

May 21, 2018 · As with anything, some women do and some women don’t. In my experience, the women that do are rare. The women that are open to it and will eventually like and understand it are a bit more common. Some women will not be open to it at all, and likel.

A lot of women prefer to wear their own special comfortable bras and knickers but when women are pleasing their menfolk they do like lingerie if it makes the sexual experience or tenderness of.