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Strict Julie Spanks!: husband diapered in front of sister spanked diapered pacifier pulled over knee

Cupcake tries to argue with her babysitter, but Alex knows better, and after cleaning up the wet diaper Alex puts little Cupcake over her knee for a spanking. Cupcake is spanked over her panties while Alex lectures her about how her Mommy told her about the fact that Cupcake is not ready to be out of diapers .

A nurse put Jennifer into a "punishment" high chair. She was caught trying to talk like an adult to Marie. That was a No-No. But before Marie could respond, a nurse grabbed Jennifer's ear, pulling her out of the playpen and over her knee. The next thing Jennifer knew, the nurse had pulled down her diapers and was giving her a bare bottom spanking.

Description: It is a tried and true method of discipline that has been used by parents for well over a century an over the knee spanking. For most young ladies, this was the very first way they were ever spanked as it allowed their parents better control over the course of her spanking.

husband diapered in front of sister He would not be allowed off his pee pad until he wet himself. After that he would be cleaned up like a baby, spanked, diapered, and made to stand in the corner in his diapers as punishment. Sue pulled david down by the arm. I went to her and arranged their limbs so that david was hiked up over Sue's Author: Juliesp.